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We are one of the largest and most experienced Aesthetic academies in the world with 18+ years of combined staff experience credited by Slovenian, as well as international degrees. Our satisfied, returning customers can vouch for the quality of our salon. We follow global trends in the services we provide, and strive to create our own trends.

All services are provided by a highly professional staff. 22 Aesthetic Institute offers world-renowned education presented by the very best 22 Institute Team. Microblading is not just our job. It’s our moment of Zen, a point to stop, breath in and create. Your face is our canvas. And until today we’ve created more than 40.000 pieces of art.

The 22 Aesthetic Institute lead by Tatjana Damjanovic, is honoured and happy to welcome you into the fascinating world of Beauty.

How did we start with Camouflage?

It was 2019 when the founder of 22 Institute –  Tatjana Damjanovic had her baby. She always felt comfortable in her own skin. After her birth Tatjana experienced changes on her body that she didn’t like. She developed stretch marks and experienced the variety of possibilities how your body can change. She then  decided to offer camouflage treatment to help others that experience the same body changes. Tatjana believes she can help a lot of people all over the world to feel even better in their skin.


We celebrate all types of shapes and lines. Thick or thin. Long or short. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Human body is the best work of art.
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