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Your happiness is our number one priority! If you ever wanted to cover up your stretch marks or scars you now can. Meet the ultimate solution to cover up stretch marks, scars, c-section scars, self-inflicted injuries

How does

The treatment work?

Stretch marks begin as reddish or purple lesions. Over time they lose pigmentation. Dermis is affected by prevetning the fibroblasts from forming collagen and elastin fibers.

We apply skin matched micro pigments into the stretch marks and scars to make them appear as less noticeable as possible. The pigment is transferred over ”damaged” layer of the skin.

Results are seen right after the treatment, but the skin is still sensitive. Final results can be seen after 3-4 weeks when the pigment fully disperses and the skin is fully healed.

Our Services

no more hiding. camouflage it!

Treatment can be done on all colors of skin, with only dark skins are used with caution as they are prone to hyper-pigmentation. 30-60% improvement can be seen in just ONE SESSION, however 3 treatments are recommended for best results.

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Dr. Lopez is A US-trained Integrative Medicine Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist. He has proven expertise in Biological Medicine, Preventative Medicine, Age Management Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, and holistic treatments of Chronic Degenerative Diseases and age-related disorders. His new clinic in Centuria Medical Makati offers a wide range of services that is sure to transform, boost, and maintain overall wellness for his patients.

Dr. Lopez is licensed to practice medicine in California, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Indiana and the Philippines.D

Dr. Joel Lopez

JLopezMD’s approach to health, longevity, and wellness is holistic. Following the tenets of regenerative medicine, the medical group combines nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, hormone and cell therapy to directly address the underlying causes of chronic illness and premature aging.

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